2.x bidrager til udstilling i London

How often do you get to become a piece of art? On the 16th of March, 2.x participated in a workshop led by the artist Albert Potrony at Tate Modern in London. At the workshop, 2.x made virtual cooking shows with British Red Cross students and students from Alton College.  

In general, we had a great day at Tate modern with cultural exchange and new friendships. The product, a cooking show, forced us to cooperate and interact with both refugees as well as the British students. We found it difficult not to laugh when we worked with painting, paper and tape, something most of us have not done since 5th grade! We learned about foreign food culture in a creative way and Albert’s humorous attitude made us all feel comfortable despite all the new people and impressions. Furthermore, many of us established contacts with our British and foreign friends – many of us are now friends on Facebook. The fact that our experiences at Tate are now getting exhibited makes us feel valuable and makes our work feel worth every minute that we spend at Tate. We think that the work we did at Tate is an important first step in the process of integration of the refugees as well as the work is crucial for our understanding of different cultures we meet in the modern society. 

This art intervention by Albert Potrony will be on display at Tate Modern beginning on May 2nd www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/display/belonging-together-connecting-global-students-refugees-and-communities